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Corrective Exercise Specialist

I focus on teaching a person proprioception and enjoy helping those with injuries


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Joined the United States Marine Corps in 1988 and retired from Active Duty in 2008. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune, N. Carolina and deployed to Honduras and the first Gulf War. Camp Kinser, Okinawa Japan was a great experience and then I transferred to Camp Pendleton and deployed to Iraq twice; 2003 & 2005. In the Spring 2009, I'd earned my first certification, NASM, CPT, Certified Personal Trainer and started working at local gym. Also that year I earned a NESTA CPT Certification and in 2010,NASM C.E.S., Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification. I trained there for nearly five years continually honing my skills and seeking more knowledge. For ongoing education, I continue my CEU's and diligently read, watched and studied certain gurus that focus on Corrective Exercise, Physical Therapy and targeted-nutrition: Charles Poliquin, Eric Cressey, Gray Cook, Todd Durkin, Kelly Starret, Precision-Nutrition and John Keifer, as well as intensive seminars. As a trainer, I focus on Corrective Exercise, I enjoy helping those with injuries, (big and small) especially chronic issues that they thought they would have to live with. I focus on teaching a person proprioception; to become acutely aware of what is happening, right and wrong, with in them self. My belief is that a trainer should be a teacher and instructor; a client should know how to move, be active, work out and understand their nutritional life-style, on their own, once done with a trainer. My life's theme is to help others. I will improve your quality of life, I want you to be healthy. BE HEALTHY, BE HAPPY!

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