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Professional Boxer & Coach

Rocky "Demified" Gannon

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Rocky "Demified" Gannon A huge accomplishment and testimony to how Gannon has lived his life these past twenty five years, is comparing the pictures from the 90's, when he enjoyed being a 3 time Light Heavyweight Champion, with today. What the pictures will not reveal, is that TRUE change comes from within, where "The Spirit" lives and breathes. When "The Spirit" grabs hold of you, it will change your life forever! Rocky Gannon has been "DEMIFIED" and discovered his life's purpose. He is truly infused with passion, love, energy and enthusiasm; for people, life and boxing, his gift. As Peter 4:10 proclaims, Gannon has chosen to be obedient and use his gift to serve others. He is in the midst of a remarkable comeback in the sport that he loves and, as a competitor, is not quite finished with. The year 2016 will be the one that fans remember as Gannon's remarkable comeback as a determined, pro-heavyweight boxer. He has been preserving his healthy body drug and alcohol free, exercising discipline, experiencing responsibilities, getting re-married and having two wonderful children. Now he is ready to focus on his life's passion and "Demify" all those who watch him in action. He has been weight training, supplementing, eating clean, working on technique, speed, strength and conditioning with his new team at DEMIFIED Boxing. Let him show you what being "DEMIFIED" is all about.

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